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How to make $100+ / month with AdSense - EASY!
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Welcome to my $100+ / month with AdSense guide, before starting this guide I will assume you already have the following:

- A website with AdSense approved


1. Register on, the best Social & Traffic Exchange. We will be using this to send traffic to your AdSense website to keep your CTR in the safe zone.
2. You will need VIP on so you can use the anonymous source traffic which is safe for advertisers such as AdSense.
3. Now on submit 3-5 links to your site, make sure you submit them after you're VIP and assign the most CPC possible which is 10 if you're VIP.
4. Now that you'll have decent traffic to your site you'll need to get clicks on your site to get money. Now download Palringo which is an instant messaging software just like MSN or Skype but much more basic :tounge:
5. Under the groups section click join group and type "customhits". You have now joined the official Custom Hits click exchange.
6. You can exchange clicks with other members using this method and easily make $5 a day if you only exchange with 5 people per day. It only takes 2minutes per person and you can do it with the same person every 24 hours.

Hope you like my guide!
i will defo try this looks real interesting Smile
nice tut, will come in handy
THis looks rly interesting, thx.
If only I could get accepted to adsense Sad
No probs guys, happy adsense earnings.

If you want a Custom Hits coupon there's one on the FB page:

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