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Reviews and Feedback Needed

Still adding a few things and the forum isn't yet open 100%, but I need some reviews/feedback. We're also thinking about changing from green to blue or orange for theme, what is your opinion on that?

We decided to not add tabs and we're keeping as little forums as possible until we have more members.

Thanks, any reviews and constructive criticism is highly appreciated.
I would absolutely go to blue. Green is a super distracting color.
(Mar 13, 2013, 12:08 PM)Ampix0 Wrote: I would absolutely go to blue. Green is a super distracting color.

Decided to go with Orange, as you can see. Any thoughts?
Doesn't look bad.
Site's open now to the public, still tweaking the theme here and there but yeah Smile

Join up if you like, leave some feedback and whatnot.
We revamped it. New theme, new sections, awards and more.

[Image: logo.gif]
Dang, that was actually really good.
You should upgrade the logo though.
Overall that is pretty good.

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