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A New Site
Hello, I am here to introduce a forum that covers almost anything. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join, From 13+ to 100. If you are looking for a community where you are guaranteed respect, Join our community today.

Here are some of the features n00b club offers:

Custom theme
Friendly environment
Open staff positions


Nothing too special, I know. However with more members and everyone spreading information, the forum will be filled with content. There are some tweaks and what not I'll be doing, but decided to release it now. I think it's finished to that regard.

I am not begging anyone to join up, just wanting reviews, so say what's on your mind and help me improve my forum!

The thing I always question myself with new forum is; What makes this forum special?
I mean there are so many forums out there who just have standard stuff.
Standard theme, standard plugins etc etc.

Anyhow I have some tips for you which should improve your forum.
First of all this bothered me

[Image: 2NjVw.png]
Remove the border-radius and trim it down in height.

[Image: 2NjYu.jpg]
I can see the edges, fade down the edge.

[Image: 2NjZQ.png]
I'm not 100% sure but I assume you are using the fake users plugin.
I would avoid using this because first of all it has some vurnabilities which allow hackers to gain access to your database and secondly it is very LQ (Faking stats is probably one of the worst things you can do).

[Image: member.png]
HF 2.0, I would avoid using these. Why not make your own? Smile

Just in general I would recommend having HQ stuff on your forum. Develop your own content/stuff and be original. Thats how people will join your forum.

Goodluck !
I was going to say this website was cool, Until I saw how much you copied from other forums "White Tiger" and "Writers" and I bet the other ones were stolen too. Your website is like every other website out there.
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Thanks guys for your feedbacks it has actually encouraged me
But the thing is i am lacking man power and all the efforts i have to do to make it running and going is with some help and support Sad
I'll join and help you out, You can contact me via Skype: Valkyrie8699
I'm VERY familiar with mybb and have ran forums myself.
I'll sign up under the name "Neil Patrick Harris". Link to my profile:

But I suggest you to change the icon of the forum. It's like Hackforums. Not very good for it. Change it to something your own. Like that face on the banner.
Buy a "Share Youtube Videos" account with over 5,000 credits.
Thanks a lot for the support Neil
Great website, Awesome staff and awesome members.
Buy a "Share Youtube Videos" account with over 5,000 credits.

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