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Inline Ads
HI all,

Have come here from MyBB for this plug in.

Thanks for making it and for the great addition to the original.

Take care, Keith
thaks man!
hey will it work with 1.2.9
Thank you so much!
Yes this will work with 1.2x series.
cool plugin Big Grin
Interesting element I am going to prove
Cool, thanks
labrocca Wrote:
markrday Wrote:will this also take hidden code i.e site trackers and countersWink

It should really take any code you have actually except php of course. Javascript, html, and xhtml should all work.

Let me know if you have problems.

btw if you want to add a site tracker or counter..I suggest using my new google analytics plugin and changing the code to suit your needs. If you need to PM me the code you wish implemented and I can easily edit the file for you.

Great plugin, but: What about adding the ability to rotate banners, or alternate banners?

That would make it an almost-complete solution.

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