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Inline Ads
sorry for bothering you. The mod works perfect, but how do i find the group id and forum id? i use the seo mod, pelase do help, thnxBig Grin
GIDs :
FIDs :
FID == 55
Thanks alot lex, i was looking for ages, u really helped me there, i owe u oneBig Grin +rep for u!!!!!!!!!!!!btw, i joined ur forum!!!Big Grin
I recently had my inline ads disappear, saw some other people that said there's did too.
I found that it was because {$post[inline_ads]} was missing from the bottom of the postbit template.
I was modding my postbit so I'm guessing I wrote over it. So if anyones just disappears this is probably why.
Having problem with this MOD .. It is working fine on two sites.. Only one site is not displaying ads.. I am also using SpiceFuse Revenue Sharing MOD there. Please help!
The conflict appears to be the spicefuse mod. I believe 1.4 is going to have built in SEO urls so maybe just wait for that.
Very nice ... Well before it was working .. Any how i will wait than untill for 1.4 ... BTW when its coming out?
I will try to use it.. Thanks
thanks for sharing
Thanks Labrocca, this is another great mod Big Grin

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