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Inline Ads
Hey man wicked stuff, I've been looking forward to this plugin. I'm a bit of a novice at this and have been trying for a little while now but can't seem to work it out.
I'm looking to put an ad banner at the top of every page. What would basic ad code look like if I wanted to put in a 1000x80px banner at the top of every page? And what would I change if I wanted to have a skyscraper banner on the side? Any help you could give would be great. Cheers.
Forget my last post. I found the code here:
thx labrocca!
Is this the MOD that puts an ad after every first post and x posts?
Yes it does do that.
Thanks very much... now to see if it works.
It most certainly does. Smile
nice plugin
nice works great cheers

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