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Name: Chatable

Chatable is a new general discussion board with one goal in mind: To be one of the best discussion boards of 2013.

Our goal can only be successful with members and the stability of our forum.

Our forum runs on our VPS. So there is no bandwidth issues or anything. As everything is managed by me and the team who hosts my VPS.

A VPS hosted forum was decided when there were too many general discussion boards going in 'Downtime'. We expect our forum to have 99.9% of uptime otherwise I will make a complaint to the VPS team.

The forum is managed by myself and The Humble. I am the owner and The Humble is the administrator.

Our goals for this forum include holding a contest where the winner gets $50. We'll be hosting the contest outside of Chatable but there will be certain tasks needed to be done inside Chatable. So while it won't be a posting contest there will be posting needed to be done in order to gain entries.

We feel we can make this a really great forum in due time. It will just take some time but once we manage this will be a great place to hang out.

Thanks for visiting Chatable and if you're a member have a good stay. If you're a guest we hope to see you become a member soon.
Looks very nice, I'll join very soon indeed!
very nice!!!

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