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The GTA Zone Forums | GTA V, Gaming, Modding
A forum I started nearly 1 year ago for fun, and it's grown to this.

[Image: vPFPM.png]

We are a community dedicated to Rockstar Games's Grand Theft Auto series and we have been a fansite since 2012.

The GTA Zone is a Grand Theft Auto fan website dedicated to the video game series from Rockstar Games and Take 2 Interactive Software. The site was started by Jimmy (iRockstar) back in 2012. We try to provide the community with news, screenshots, media and all other information on all games in the GTA series.


Content we cover:
  • GTA V Guides, Discussion, Troubleshooting & Mission Help
  • GTA Modding
  • Latest GTA News
  • Rockstar Games news
  • Guides & Tricks
  • Mission Help
  • Troubleshooting

[Image: H3qbafW.jpg]

We're a very Friendly community, and plan on expanding into gaming sooner or later. We may get 200 posts on some days, 500 on others. We see forums as something which should be unique, fun hence our necessity to implement custom features. We're the first to have many things, and will continue to do so.

[Image: CaMku4V.jpg]

Be sure to drop by and create an account. You won't regret it Smile .
Ive been looking for a Good GTA Site!

Nice forum.

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