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Poll: Did you go straight to MyBB or not?
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Yes my first forum was MyBB
9 23.08%
No, I used others first.. (list them)
30 76.92%
Total 39 vote(s) 100%
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Using other forum types
well the first one was invision power board FREE, then i moved to phpbb2 and phpbb3 and then i discovered MYBB! which is such a great script (of course it's better with some of plugins developed by labrocca) Tongue
I am currently using phpBB, and I like it a lot. It is a really awesome forum program. The freeness of it all also makes it a really good forum program B)
Demo : free forum
My first forum was phpbb didn't really like it,then I changed to MyBB <3
[Image: 120x60_SF.gif]
My first was phpBB 3.0.5 then tried SMF on another forum then MyBB on my newest site. So far I like MyBB its more easy to make the changes, the plugin system is the best and its user friendly.
My first was SMF. I love it because of the kind of themes that they have. However i like how mybb works.
I started on Invisionfree, took a stroll down PunBB lane (didn't hate it honestly), played it safe with phpBB (and learned some coding), and finished it up with MyBB. Having said that, i've played with many scripts in between like IPB / vB, but never stuck with them. Heck I even tried NovaBoard ;-)
I've tried almost every forum script in the net even those which is part of a CMS.
phpBB really very unique and professional one.
Demo : free forums
My first forum was phpbb 2 and 3, then I changed to MyBB.
I got started with phpBB 2. After that, I tried with another forums, like vBulletin or IPB. I discovered MyBB later. When I discovered MyBB, I didn't like it so much. But, later I liked it and I still like it. I'd say, it's the best kind of forum (for me) between the free forums.
Of course, vBulletin is a great forum system.
But I have tried almost important froum system. Like vB, IPB, phpBB, MyBB, XML, Vainilla... But that I like so much are vB, MyBB and phpBB 2 (I hate phpBB 3).
I used forumotion at first but found it far too simple so I found a free host with decent space and bandwidth and uploaded MyBB.

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