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Poll: Did you go straight to MyBB or not?
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Yes my first forum was MyBB
9 23.08%
No, I used others first.. (list them)
30 76.92%
Total 39 vote(s) 100%
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Using other forum types
My forum progression:
phpBB2 -> vBulletin 3.6 -> MyBB 1.2 -> MyBB 1.4 -> vBulletin 3.7
phpBB -> SMF -> vBulletin -> MyBB

Not that long Tongue
've decided to stay w/ MyBB since it's not only free, but almost vBulletin-ish.
I had tried SMF and phpBB. Never got to like phpBB. I liked SMF, but my membership didn't. Sad
I went from InvisionFree to Jcink (Best Forum Hosting EVER!!!!!!!!) to SMF to MyBB. Jcink is still my favorite, but I am going with MyBB because I want to have full access.
phpbb2 by Przemo (modiefied phpbb2) -> IPB -> MyBB

MyBB is better than Przemo and free.
phpbb2(so many free forum hosters I can't name them all)> heavily modified phpbb2 on my own server(metabb)> hates phpbb3 and decides there is no good free bbs and therefore my site should not exist >wow, mybb looks awesome maybe I should make a site again.
I have began with PhpBB2 ^^

PhpBB2 > SMF > IPB > SMF > Fireboard (Joomla) > PhpBB3

And now I am about to try out MyBB~
I currently use vBulletin but want a lighter script for my new project. Smile
Ohh, before MyBB I am just a pretty noob, I was 10 or 11 when I started to gain knowledge in Internet however my forum still not a downloaded or really own as I sign up my forum from a forum hosting site.
i think phpBB is better option option as its opensource and there are lot many comms from where you can get free support
apart from that i think vbulletin is good if there are lot many users when come on at same time...

and best part of phpBB... its free na Wink
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