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Media Forums |
[Image: 0o6a49o.png]

Media Forums is a new community based around all things media; movies, TV shows, games, music, etc.. Whether you are a video game addict, a TV junkie or a film fanatic, we want you to be a part of our community!

Media Forums is laid in a very simple, user friendly way that allows our users to easily locate the category they would like to post in and get there without any trouble. Content is king so while we want our theme to be clean and pleasing to the eye, we want our member's focus to be on the actual discussion which is why we have chosen to keep things simple.

Media Forums is just starting out but I have big plans for the community and I will surely dedicate myself to getting it off the ground. That being said, one way interested members or even people that aren't interested in joining can help me is by simply posting your honest feedback, whether that be positive or negative. Let me know how I can improve the community, and be specific!

Thank you for viewing the advertisement and I hope to see some of you there. :smile:

Our members have made a total of 255 posts in 42 threads.
We currently have 20 members registered.

Media Forums is growing slowly but surely.

Come vote on our official mascot name before the poll ends!
Might just join, who knows.
(Dec 27, 2013, 01:49 PM)Sena Wrote: Might just join, who knows.

Would love to have you join!
Our members have made a total of 550 posts in 89 threads.
We currently have 24 members registered.

Activity has slowed a bit but we're working on a lot of things and adding a points system that will eventually be used to earn neat rewards like iTunes gift cards, Redbox promo codes, and many more media related goodies!

Come get your points!
Activity has slowed but we're not giving up on Media Forums!
Thanks for sharing these thread here.
Activity has pretty much hit 0 since I haven't had enough time to keep things rolling but it's time to get back on the ball.

Come help us!
Bump. Check us out!
(Apr 13, 2014, 03:02 PM)Amazing Wrote: Bump. Check us out!

I'm liking the legit post count 69. I'll take a look into it but wont register. As it's reviews not advertising.

I like the design. Pretty cool theme. Ps I'm from HF also.

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