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MyBB Form Manager.
I need an plugin to make an forms like the vb plugin you can create a forms put inside question and after someone use that form and put an questions inside then it will be posted in the place where you choose.

I need an download link. Thats all Smile
Bump? Anyone.
You can do this with if i understood correctly
If you can explain a little more than maybe i can give more information
WallBB Premium MyBB Themes
PM me for any type of support Smile
I need an plugin like Advanced Application Forms (vBulletin)
- You can create an forums in Admin CP
- You can see the forms
- You can make an form like this:
First Name:
Last Name:
What kind of juice do you like:
Tell us something about you:
Do you like the forums (Yes) (No)

And when someone click to the form when he apply the form will be posted in the thread which i will choose that can be an ID of thread.
thank you love this plugin!

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