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Trying to customize my tab menu! but its not working help please!
Didn't know much about customizing my tabbed menu so i found this thread by bleepyevans

I'm trying to get my tabs to be round like the ones in his image I followed all proper instruction even pasted the code in the right place what could be going on please help if you'd like my forum url let me know if that would help! Thanks again!
Denied for support. Piracy isn't cool. Any plugins written by labroca you will not be provided support for. Unless you have obtain them legally.
Its ok I figured this out myself Smile I am against piracy Smile
(Apr 21, 2014, 10:37 AM)PropGamer Wrote: Its ok I figured this out myself Smile I am against piracy Smile

You didn't obtain them from the site legally. Labroca only authorizes his downloads via his site. So you illegally obtained them.

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