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[✓Subscriber] HackBB - Hacking Forum | New
HackBB is a MyBB based forum that is a spot for hackers, programmers, and computer beginners. You can learn how to hack into websites, analyze source code for malware, track down wanted people, share accounts with your friends, and so much more. You will have fun just being here associating with other members and watching your profile gain popularity through quality. Everybody is welcome, even rookies in computing. This is where you'll learn it all!

HackBB is also an extremely secure forum and we take all precautions before doing any code edits - including theme & plugin installs. We keep a keen eye on new MyBB plugin or source exploits and try to patch them before the MyBB can so we don't get attacked first. We carefully examine traffic and and filter problematic countries to defend against massive spam and deflect DDoS attacks. You rely on our security.

We warmly welcome new members. We appreciate members that have been with us since the beginning. We are always excited for new things and see the positives in change. We'll never be the same for too long, we will always add new things to entertain the community. We want to make entertainment on HackBB endless and give our members the experience they are looking for.

Check us out.
I'd love to see new registrations. We're done with all forum modifications and starting activity.

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