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Who am I?
Didn't know you were from Las Vegas. I always wanted to going on vacation there. Big Grin
its me skjdfblasidvASirfbv
sorry its me rezorn.............eheheh
Greetings I used phpbb,IPB, vBulliten hell ive used just about all fourm software
Nothing compared to mybb it so rocks! Tongue best of all its free ^^
Hello! I'm Johnna. I really like the MyBB mods/themes you have going here.
Great mod site thanks!!
Thanks Jesse for this community.
To be honest, I've been hunting for a good board for quite some time... PhpBB had some nice features but lacked a few important elements I was aiming for. The Invision board had them, but it ain't free... So, after crawling the web I finally found myBB... It stuck to me like glue and now, I'm on the hunt to customize it to fit the bill and your community sure helps me a lot!
Thank you again and keep up the good work!
You have some nice themes on here, keep up the good work!
Thanks for the site. Love MyBB and have several boards with it as the forum.
Hi everyone,
I am Jairo, I am learning to use ASP.NET. I thought I would try out a piece of code found at Central / Mybb General Topics / Mybb Plugins and Hacks / Ajax image popup , to see if it will work on my website.
Thanks to labrocca in advance,

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