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Who am I?
Labrocca you are know for owning a huge forum it's currently the biggest mybb forum. You have done some great work and I that is awesome.
Hey! I'm a computer forensics manager living in Las Vegas myself. I'm 29 years old and run a private computer security firm company. It's very nice to meet you Jesse.
Hey, Iam a computer personal,
Iam from indonesia
I'm 19 years old
Hello guys.

I'm a Electric and computers engeneering student from portugal.

I started configuring forum first time with smf but after 2 or 3 years decided I needed something better. One of the reasons I switched to mybb is the simple form it has to install/uninstall plugins without having to mess with the core code (maybe there are some exceptions). In smf everytime I needed to upgrade the core always had some issues with plugins code.

I administer a working forum and a personal one, each with its own requisitions and plugins (some common of course). Both installed and configured by me.
Nice to have you here bro.
We all should know who you are by now xD
first time to post
Howdy there boyo
I love hackforums labrocca, you did the best mybb forum job ever.
Hello I am new and it is nice to meet you! Big Grin

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