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IPN Paypal Subscriptions
Can you look at the logs in admincp. Did paypal send a notification?

EDIT: I think I see the problem why. The cheat testing has to be modified to incorporate eot. Let me update the plugin.

EDIT 2 : Okay...I see why there wasn't a notificatin for refunds now. Gonna have to work on this tonight and upload a new myipn.php file. Good news is that now we can have that problem with refunds fixed. Bah..paypal IPN is difficult to test and why this is considered Beta.
What log would I check? Glad though you found a glitch. I'm hoping this one can be fixed, since I won't want to implement it on my forum until I'm confident that my members will be moved out of the paid level after their subscription has run out. Tongue
what about making it an egold payout
E-gold doesn't use subscriptions.

When I create more payment styles and systems I will look into incorporating E-gold and MoneyBookers.
Beta 1b released. Fixes the logic so that eot and also refunds now work. I figured out where I screwed up but actually it's not my fault. Paypal IPN is suppose to send certain variables and they don' logic was looking for a specific variable they didn't send so script logic was flawed. grr..I spent 3 hours on this today.

Fixed though.

To update upload 2 files /root/myipn.php /root/inc/plugins/myipn.php

That's it...deactivation isn't needed.
I just updated the files, but unfortunately I can't test it yet. My site just timed out AGAIN. The $&#&@ POS.
Well, sorry to say that my test user did not get moved to the specified group after the subscription ended. Darn it! Tongue

edit: But it does move the member if I refund. At least one of them works, but I think the first one is more important. Sad
Consider EOT and refunds to be working properly now. Next release will not be listed as Beta.
Will there be a release for non supporters?
labrocca Wrote:Consider EOT and refunds to be working properly now. Next release will not be listed as Beta.

But EOT wasn't working, just the refunds.

and I had to comment on this:

Ash564 Wrote:Will there be a release for non supporters?
That's funny!

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