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IPN Paypal Subscriptions
i have a problem. I have installed this plugin. and when i press subscribe - The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.
Did you follow the instructions precisely? Is your paypal account a business account or premier? Have you enabled IPN?
I have enable. My acount is buisness. And i have follow all the steps.
I use 1.2.13 version.
Can I get link to your site form?

Are you using your PRIMARY EMAIL for the account?
yep. Look in to your PM. i have sent you.
Sites not loading for me now. It was yesterday but my time was short. It was a family day. Today is work day.
ciorax Wrote:yep. Look in to your PM. i have sent you.

Turns out he didn't have his settings.php writable hence the form was not being filled in with the proper settings.
woot download the plugin ^^
thanks so much
New version 1.1 which I am officially taking this out of beta.

I found one logic problem and have fixed it.

Also I edit the subscribe.php so that guests can see it to read your subscription benefits but the button is not visible unless they are logged in. I didn't think of that before but guests need to see the benefits too. Smile

To upgrade existing upload these 3 files:


You are not required to activate/deactive.

Thank you.
this looks just what i need cheers mate, not lettng me download it

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