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IPN Paypal Subscriptions
hey, labrocca, how do I find the group id for the group i want to send the subscribers to?
Unfortunately mybb doesn't display GID in the admincp. Here is a legend for the defaults:

Group Legend
1. Unregistered Not logged in
2. Registered
3. Super Moderators
4. Administrators
5. Awaiting Activation
6. Moderators
7. Banned

So if you have never made a custom group then the next one you add SHOULD be group id 8. You can confirm this either in the actual database table or also by checking the source code on the group edit page in admincp. You should see the group id in the html form for each edit field.
hmm some have been added, but i deleted them, how would i check on the database?
phpmyadmin...but like I can also view the html code for the frame with the group editor

Go to Manage Groups.

View frame source...

You will see something like this:

<tr class="altbg1">
<td>Awaiting Activation<br /><small>Users that have not activated their account by email yet.</small></td>
<td align="center">310<td align="right" nowrap="nowrap">
<select name="usergroup_5" onchange="usergroup_hop(5);">
<option value="edit">Edit Usergroup</option>
<option value="listusers">List Primary Users</option>
<option value="listsecondaryusers">List Secondary Users</option>
<option value="groupleaders">Group Leaders</option>
&nbsp;<input type="button" onclick="usergroup_hop(5);" value="Go" /></td>

That's usergroup "Awaiting Activation" and it's GID of 5.
Thank you! Got the group id's! Big Grin
its not fare for u guys to do such to us.laborcca,u c,$5 dollars isnot big,but the problem isthat paypal does not work for some country like mine.therefore excluding people like us.butif you can convert the plugin to other means i wouldbe glad bcos i wud also like to use but icant if its with paypal.
I can't find other payment processors with instant payment notification so it's pointless to use another processor. That's something I have no control over.

Unless you want to do something like 2CO ( which charges $49 to signup and takes 5.5% of sales.

EDIT: I have found the documentation for Moneybookers and their API. I might if there is enough call for it create a Moneybookers version.
OK, I'm having problems. Sad The plugin activated OK. I was even able to start the subscription through paypal. Everything looked ok, until my test member was sent back to my test forum and hadn't been upgraded to the subscribed account and didn't get the allotted myps. I checked in the ACP, and the member isn't listed. It's like it started the subscription, charged the test user but didn't do anything on the forum????

Also, is it supposed to say "error" on the subscribe page? See screenshot for detail:
Less than 1 minute ago" />   
thank you labrocca.
Did you deactivate it Jude? I was going to check it doesn't seem to be on the site. It's not harmful to have there if you don't have a link to it. Keep it activated and installed so I can check the form.

And uses the Error template and I can give you an updated file that fixes the title.
Or you can add this line as well to your myipn.lang.php file:
$l['error'] = "Paypal Subscription";

And are you sure the test user made a completed payment? Did you alter anything? IPN is VERY picky from paypal. Do you have a verified business or premium account? IPN won't work properly without that. You have to also use your Primary email.

Lastly all data must match with the payment with what's in your database.

So let's say you want $10. In the checkout you decide to pay only $1. Well it won't IPN then since that means you can get ripped off. It has certain safety checks. I have gotten 4 IPN payments without any problems. I tested this sucker extensively...spent an entire day just doing test IPN's.

I will check everything on your site once you have it installed again. You can PM me too if you want me to look deeper. I have an account on your site if you want me to have admin access to take a peek.

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