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1.4 Beta Testing
I am installing the latest build of Mybb 1.4 beta. This will allow me to start building my themes and plugins to be available on release. 1.4 seems nearly complete and other than bug testing it's ready. So now the real work begins to make sure the Mybb Central downloads are compatible. The major changes are admincp side. Any plugins utilizing the admincp will need to be totally redone.

Themes imho should be easy to do. For the most part I change images and css. I don't like to veer too far from the default templates for reasons such as update and plugin incompatibility.

So...this post is a just a heads up for those that are subscribers and future subscribers.
Well unfortunately it appears that 1.4 still have a lot of time left in it's beta. I am having all types of issues simply importing a theme. As part of the beta team I will try to help them pinpoint and solve problems but obviously it's time consuming. I was really hoping to get a jump start on updating my themes to 1.4 but now it looks like that won't happen.

I will keep everyone updated. Worse case scenario is I have to wait for a beta release and then go mad updating stuff. I updated a theme in about 1-2 hours today. So it would take me 3-5 days to do most of my themes. The hard part is already done with image creation and color picking. So I just need to update them for 1.4 templates and a few new images.

For plugins however it's going to be a much longer process. It could be months after a stable 1.4 that all of my important plugins are updated. Of course I will work at the fastest pace I can.

What about polling the members (both subscribers and potential subscribers) to help establish a priority list of the plugins to know which ones the majority of members would like to see updated first and such?
I don't think I need to poll to see what's the most popular. I just have to look at Download and Views statistics.
True... I was thinking that but how many of those downloads/views are by non-subscribers prior to the change? Wink

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