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[r] MyFirstPost
judel Wrote:If you have a test forum, I highly suggest putting it there first.

Big Grin If I had a test forum, I wouldn't ask so many questions....Tongue
b.h. Wrote:Last 2 Questions..... I hope,

1.What exactly happens when someone trys to make a post without first signing the thread?

Are they warned, or are they redirected to the thread they must sign? or something else?

2. And can they still pm without signing the thread?


They get redirected until they make a post in that thread;
And yes, the PM system stays available without having a post in the thread.
ok, I've got this plug running on my board and it works, but I don't suppose you'd like to tweak it a little?Big Grin

As you said, it will not let you start a thread if you have not signed the (forced thread). However it will let you reply to other threads started by other members.

Any chance you would change this so they could not do that?
vary nice and Thanks

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