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MyBB Installation Tutorial!
So today we are going to be doing a full MyBB installation.
The version we will be installing is MyBB 1.6.15.
So first of all you'll need the MyBB Files, download them here - DOWNLOAD
Once you have those you'll need a hosting, I'll be using 000WebHost since this is a tutorial - 000WebHost


Step 1

Sign up at 000WebHost and then click to add a new website and do as I have done below.

[Image: aea775350c0e779289e7e883e1ee0e32.png]

Then click to create the account.
Keep refreshing till the account is made, it only takes a few seconds.

Step 2

So now you have the MyBB files and now you have hosting so lets jump forward and locate MySQL
Once you have found that quickly make the database.

[Image: 168aa213ebe1bf291141cac4fdd1f3c4.png]

Step 3

Locate File Manager and enter it, then locate public_html and enter there.
Once in click to upload files.

[Image: b5b68e0eb9cbb4dc054f6de09b01cf2e.png]

Upload the .zip file you have downloaded with MyBB and then extract it.

[Image: 314c8dfabf2165597494e22070b78bd2.png]

Go back to the public_html and find the Upload folder.
[Image: 9337126e34091c8548d0376b2876d581.png]

Select all the files in the Upload folder then click "Move".
You now want to remove the highlighted part shown below and click the Tick.
[Image: 8f104f6cade08f7cceff9258404e87ae.png]

Step 4

Now the installation begins!
Go to your domain and it'll show the following.

[Image: 6ffa3d22ca8360e12a9e23ae4d400b14.png]

Go to domain/install

Step 5

You will now see this appear, if it shows up your doing well!

[Image: 5860dd52b85d59f61d9999aa361f2ae1.png]

Follow the onscreen instructions till you hit Database Configuration

[Image: b9d98d5095895601984ce3c5213e8b02.png]

Remember the Database you made? Now it goes into action!
So go gather those details if you didn't already have copied them down.
Fill it in nice and simple.

Step 6

Once you do the rest of the Database follow on with the set-up till you hit Board Configuration

[Image: 28d1291820aa75fdff214f50d1d2ac20.png]

Change the "Forum Name", "Website Name" and "Contact Email".

Step 7

Now create your Admin account and your basically done.

Click to see image.

Step 8

Finish the Set-Up and your done!

Click to see image.

Once it's done visit your forum and it should look like this: PREVIEW
Very-nice tutorial thank-you
(Oct 10, 2014, 07:21 AM)Yelsdnah Wrote: Very-nice tutorial thank-you

I hope it helps you if you ever need help.
(Oct 14, 2014, 11:03 PM)Lied95 Wrote: thankssssssssssssss

No need for a load of s's but thanks.
Very-nice tutorial thank-you honey! ^^

Very-nice tutorial thank-you honey! ^^
(Nov 07, 2014, 07:18 AM)Rainbowepidemic Wrote: Very-nice tutorial thank-you honey! ^^

Very-nice tutorial thank-you honey! ^^

You're welcome but don't call me honey ^_^

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