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[r] MyPayPal
working. Thanks bro
Hi all,

Wonder if any of you can help me......

On my forum I've set up a Lottery based on the National Lottery we have here in the UK. The way our Lottery Works is that there are six numbers drawn plus a "Bonus Ball". I am using this Bonus Ball to determine the prize awarded every week in that the forum members choose a number between 1 and 49 , pays their stakeand whoever matches that number collects the pot. It is completely non profit making.

I have used the Poll system so that members can "vote" for a number which I think will work fine but my question is this:

I have installed the MyPayPal plugin from this site but I want to know if it is possible to have the "Donate" link somewhere within the poll or the post instead of the header or the footer and if so, could anyone give me any idea of how to do it?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Maybe this:

<a href="the URL of the donate page here">Donate</a>

The URL of the donate page will be wherever you get taken to after clicking 'Donate'.
Thanks for the quick reply - I'll give it a go

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