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Hey guys this is no where near done yet but can you tell me what you think of the concept so far? Let me know if you find bugs also please. is the url
The fact it's no where near complete makes this thread a waste of time.
Anyways here's a few things.

1. Re-add the MyBB credits.
2. Restore user 1's post count.

I could go on but it's a waste of time till the forums are complete.
I offer MyBB Support to all members of MyBBCentral.
Hey Nasyr i fixed it and i did fix myBB credits i didnt realize i moved that also i change up alot let me know if you like it a little now Big Grin
Too many forums for starting out, not to mention the descriptions and forum names are completely copied from Hack Forums.
I offer MyBB Support to all members of MyBBCentral.
This is temporary im just testing everytihng and getting it done.

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