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Myps modified downloads section
Don't laugh ! =P
For the ones who got it; the attached file from above should fix the problems =P ( for new submitted downloads )
Hey, I'm just glad I was one of the lucky ones to get it! Comes in VERY handy on my site.
LeX- Wrote:I don't know where you got that; but it wasn't of the MyBB Community.
If i'm not mistaken i've never shared it; so i'm wondering how did you get it ^^

Run the update file; and replace your root downloads.php with the attached one. The reason why you get redirected to your index page is due the fact the $download['filename'] was empty.
So all submitted downloads are worthless =P

And a sidenote; if everything i 'make' for one person gets shared without me knowing of it; well don't expect much in the future ^^

I think I may of either grabbed it off of your website before my account was deactivated due to lack of posting or someone else posted it on another Mybb forum. Wink

:Edit: I get a no permissions page when trying to download the attachment. Oo
Only Subscribers can download.
Doh...then I wonder if I got it confused with what you did release Lex. I have a large folder of hacks and a special folder just for your stuff. Maybe I got confused about what you released for me and what wasn't. My bad. I see you unapproved the attachment. That's cool.

Xtreme2damax...PM me your email that I can send you the file. I will make sure you get it. And please don't share it.

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