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[Image: freshaquaria.png]
Website: FreshAquaria
Discussion Board: FreshAquaria Discussion
Description: FreshAquaria is the leading generation freshwater community and knowledgebase. We are a community that is highly involved with all aspects of freshwater keeping (no saltwater or brackish fish/setups) that is activity in communication with various breeders around the world (it's how we are able to provide current to new information to everyone so quickly when it gets released). We currently are still putting together our knowledgebase that will be packed full of any information related to diseases, fish species, invertebrate species, and more! 

Join us today, even if you aren't into aquariums we do have plenty of members that might want to make you get started! Trust me, we'll help you with any size of aquarium, any previous experience, and also help you with all of the steps required to take care of it from the first day.
We recently have updated our main age to include more relevant information that is more important to the website as a whole. We also have added multiple new features to our forum software which allows a ton of more interactions between members. Feel free to join us as we are only growing bigger and bigger each day!
If anyone of you guys have a Petco near you, I would suggest on stocking on some aquarium tanks during this event! $1/gallon sale is happening March 29th-May 8th on 10, 20, 20 long, 29, 40, and 55 gallon tanks (the tanks only no hoods, lights, food, etc.).
Plus April 1-3 get 20% off of all live plants, freshwater fish, and even saltwater fish to fill those tanks up with. This is one big deal that you cannot miss!

For more updated dates, information about this event, and more feel free to check out the following link!
It's time! Want to win a brand new filter for your aquarium by just joining a discussion board and replying with 3 replies to other conversations (or making a new conversation)?

Here is your chance! Enter today, as your post number will be your entry and the chances of winning this bad-boy are pretty high!
Time is almost out!! Enter our giveaway for your chance to win a FREE Penn Plax HOB Aquarium Filter for your tank!
Cool seems interesting
I love the forum layout but it looks like you're no longer using MyBB.
(Jul 14, 2016, 12:35 PM)Zil Wrote: I love the forum layout but it looks like you're no longer using MyBB.

I've switched from MyBB, to phpBB, to now and finally esoTalk. I love the way esoTalk feels and also the extremely minimalistic vibe it gives off to new forum users and also experienced ones alike.
Get your chance to win some awesome name brand products by doing simple things. Everyone and anyone can enter for a chance to win this awesome package that only takes a few minutes to complete!

Win our Seachem Aquarium Health Package and a Premium membership to FreshAquaria! Contest ends on August 31st!
FreshAquaria's Tank of the Quarter (TOTQ) contest is for those who want to showoff their tank setups (or pond setups) and win some select prizes! For this contest, the winner will be featured on our social network accounts as a background or cover photo (if applicable) and also win a FREE membership to our PREMIUM usergroup!

The drawing for the winner will be on October 17th at 11:59PM UTC so enter for a chance to win today!!

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