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Forum Relaunch Forum Mafia Sign up today!
[Image: 8rfLqqf.png]

A bit about us:

We are a community which enjoys chillin' out and posting, we discuss many different topics and we're a General & Gaming community. A majority of the registered users are friendly and willing to assist you out with mostly anything. 

We try to focus around making the forums section based on a variety of topics ranging from General, Art, Gaming, Marketing, Groups and Technology. We have average visitors of 100 visitors everyday. We launched a few days ago and have an average of 100+ Posts daily and increasing.

What we want:
  • Active Members
  • Great ideas for improvement
  • Content
What we offer:
  • New forum atmosphere
  • Friendly staff
  • Many Achievable Awards

Why Join us?

Me and My Co-Administrator have experience of Development Languages like JAVA, Delpi, JScripts, PHP, VB.Net and funds with inspiration that inspire us to continue or work. We promise never to give up on the forum and this forum will never be sold, merged or closed or you will find your effort wasted, so I suggest you give us a try.

Refer your friends and what, they might be just interested in staying. First 20 members who join and achieve 100 posts get the veteran award. 


Referrer: Jimmy

We have relaunched the forum and its entirety after months of contemplating. Any previous upgraded users will receive their memberships.

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