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Some years ago, MyBB was considered an outsider, especially when compared to some of the big forum boards on the world wide web. Over the years it has continuously improved and grown into one of the most popular forum softwares on the market, and with good reason. It has an easy to use administration interface, theme support, lots of plugins that allow you to customize its functionality, and many more. This forum software has a lot of useful features that many users are sure to appreciate, so check out our full MyBB review to see how this particular forum software can help you enhance your website.
MyBB is equipped with a variety of administrative tools that can help you build a free solution for a forum on your website. The overall functionality of the forum can be modified through the "Configuration" area of the software allowing you to change how the system can be used. Showing the day's birthdays, who's online, allowing HTML in signatures, avatar dimensions, buddy-only messages and much more can be activated or deactivated easily from within the system. This can help provide a unique feel to your forum in contrast to competing websites.
Smilies are common in a variety of social media outlets. MyBB allows you to import your own imagery to replace various texts as well as providing the image on a clickable list when users want to add more appeal to posts. If you're artistic, this can be a great method to encourage users that fit the theme of your site. For instance, you could import a variety of Star Wars-based characters if you operate a Star Wars-themed forum.
Control of users and groups is simplistic in MyBB. Easy to manage settings allow you to provide titles to those that create certain number of posts, groups of users with specific permissions to access materials and various lengths of banning according to user name or IP addresses. You can also disallow certain usernames and email addresses from being used within the system in order to promote a friendly atmosphere and prevent spam from known locations.
MyBB has a few hundred different official plugins that can be added to the installation ranging from the administration panel to additions for the user profiles. While the system will operate without these add-ons, you may find some that fit what you're trying to provide for your specific website. The official MyBB website is loaded with additions including a long list of themes, graphics, statistics and much more.

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