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Labrocca's buds?
HAHA I laughed when I saw this...

Quote:Kinda funny you say what you do when it was just you and your buds that were the ONLY ones who voted in favor of it. YEAH i saw the poll results of who voted for what.

Voted Yes
[quote]an1mal, bk2070, Das Tier, judel, Keith W, KuJoe, labrocca, LeX- 8 19.51%


Yeah, I'm definitely one of Labrocca's buds, aren't I?
Because I chose to become a subscriber this means I'm in it with Labrocca in some money making scheme.
Hey! I'm one of Labrocca's buds! whooo hoo!

LOL Tongue
Yeah...that was pretty funny stuff. Basically everyone that agree with me is my bud. And one can only assume by that logic that everyone that disagreed was my enemy. Ridiculous. I am done arguing with that fellow. It's not worth my time.
I had a few run-ins with Harry before. He always seems to think he's right, and if anyone else disagrees they are the ones with the attitude. LOL.
I think my first run in with him occurred here --> Wink
Wow...never realized he was that type of person. How nasty. Now I am really glad I avoided more interaction with him. He isn't making any friends is he?
You can add me to the list of labrocca's buds Tongue

I got yelled at and I was trying to be as polite as possible and even listed sensible reasons why I agree with it.

*Something went here and it's not relevant*
Who cares if he came here and tried to cause trouble? Unlike on the mybb community board, Labrocca is an admin here and controls the delete and ban buttons. bwahahahaha

edit: *sigh* Xtreme edited his previous post, so now mine doesn't make sense. He recommended this thread get hidden or deleted in case Harry came over, saw it and tried to cause a problem.
Nevermind, it was just a bit of paranoia or whatever you want to call it.
Yeah I checked Harry isn't a member here. Funny that a guy claiming I was forcing people to pay for plugins wasn't even using my plugins for free. At least not from this site where a couple thank you posts were required at the time.
labrocca Wrote:Wow...never realized he was that type of person. How nasty. Now I am really glad I avoided more interaction with him. He isn't making any friends is he?
At least he apologized to me in the end. Tongue
I'm not his friend, but I will still *attempt* to be as polite as possible when talking to him!

Why would he even care if you went to paid if he wasn't using your plugins in the first place, then??!

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