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[r] Avatar Upload _ ACP
MyBB Version: MyBB 1.2.*
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  • ./inc/plugins/uacp.php
  • ./admin/uacp.php
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  • Upload ./inc/plugins/uacp.php into your ./inc/plugins/ folder
  • Upload ./admin/uacp.php into your ./admin/ folder
  • Go to your PluginManager and Activate the "Avatar Upload ACP" Plugin.
* Avatar Upload Link => ACP - Users and Groups - Uploading Avatar
* Gives you the possibility to upload an avatar for Users who are having trouble with in their UCP.
* If you see the 'A Reminder' Box; just fill in the avatarurl or select it again.
First :

Tested On: MyBB 1.2.13

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Now this is a great idea. Otherwise, I've had to upload through ftp and then change their avatar url manually. It never looks right and takes on the dimensions of the previous avatar. This will be much easier and better! Thanks! Big Grin

edit: OK, this works, but I have a few suggestions. Tongue About the reminder thing. It is a bit of a pain to have to find the new avatar again when you have to browse for it. When prompted are we sure we want to overwrite the old one, clicking a yes would be ideal. And second, after you upload it again, and it tells you that it was added successfully, it goes to a blank screen instead of returning to the upload page.

But it does work, so no big deal if you don't want to fix those issues. Wink
        cpredirect("uacp.php?".SID."&action=start", "SuccesFully Added ^^");

It should go to the upload page =P But i think you mentioned this 'problem' before with another plugin =P Looks like the 'action' doesn't get passed =P
if($mybb->input['action'] == "start")
Change into
if($mybb->input['action'] == "start" || !$mybb->input['action'])

This should work =P

And about the other suggestion; that was my first ID =P
Just a message that said 'has already avatar blablabla' with a 'proceed' button; but seems like it can't pass the '$_FILES['<name>']' in a hidden field =P But gonna look if i can find another way to do it =P


Did it a lil' different =P
First you need to enter a username ... press 'proceed' ; check if username exists + if the user already had an avatar =P If so; it will be shown + underneath the possibility to select one you upload / external avatar.
OK, it's much better now! Thanks for the quick update! Big Grin

And yes, I did report the return problem with another plugin of yours, but I wasn't the only one that had that problem. Tongue At least there was an easy solution.

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