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best pianos
Playing piano is very rewarding. Best of all, it is fun. An artist, who plays Beethoven's work on a grand piano, is an absolute wonder. It takes years to become this accomplished. With today's technology-enhanced pianos, you can create and play all types of music immediately.
thanks  for the information.
Well as a Music Lover, I am used to with so many Music Instruments, But never ever have an Opportunity to learn Piano. I love the music and sound of a Piano, I am Desperate to learn it and Play it for my friends and Family. But right now I have a deal with dissertation coaching services Company and My Project is near to end. After this I will definitely buy a Piano and starts my classes ASAP.
goood Big GrinDDDDD
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I'm an intermediate piano player, I've always used a Yamaha 88 Weighted key piano and it sounds just like a grand piano. I also love having the freedom of choosing instruments.
that's cool. my grandfather played the piano
Always dreamed of playing the piano!
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if you wanna love piano listen the music of ludovico einaudi

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