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Any opinions about this site?
Ha ha I see. I didn't think about that. That's a pretty impressive list you have there.
Robert Picard
Nice domain list Labrocca... I honestly had thought of some of those domain names before in my basement thinking I would make a site with them and then found out someone had registered them. Too bad I didn't whois them lol Big Grin (Not like I could afford most of them anyway)

Edit- Btw how come you bought some 3 letter domains like and If you don't mind me asking.
Ah so you're the guy who has registered!
[Image: 120x60_SF.gif]
haha Now that I think about it. I'm pretty sure I searched earlier this morning. I guess it is a small web after all.
Robert Picard
Huge list of domains lol. Nice and slick site.
Wow labrocca, I had no idea that you were the owner of all those sites. 8ez and them, wow. Impressive.

Mind I ask how you started?
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I started on Aug 18th, 1970.

The rest is history.
wow this thread had a major BUMP!

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