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The Ultimate Analytics
This analytics plug in absolutely rocks ..!

Just upload the phpmv2 folder to your server and then go to

http://yourdomain/phpmv2 or if a sub domain http://subdomain/'forum'/phpmv2

enter the same db info as your forum is hosted with and set up your analytics.

Go into your mybbACP and into templates - header - and enter the tracking javascript into your header section ABOVE all the other code. right at the top in other words.

And thats it ... !

just log into your analytics at the same url as you set up and your away.

This is quite a big programme at 6 mb's but it really rocks ...!

Ive added an attachment but if you cant see it or get it then go here ... and just download the zip file ..!

its the phpmv2 folder and all its contents that you need to upload to your server.


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