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Oh, Why Hello There
It was great meeting you here, MyBB! Long time no see, eh!

I'll introduce myself. My name is Jackson, and am 16 years old working on a forums for... well, everyone! From gaming, to hacking, to a marketplace, I would like to make a community where everyone has their place. I hope this will be rather successful, and I'm currently working hard on it as we speak. All my other projects seem to not go so well, so I decided to try a forum website. I figured even if it isn't successful, then the learning and experience I took from it will be more than worth it. I'm not sure if this is allowed, but the host I use is The reason for this is that they have cheap prices, fast servers, and you can get a .com, .net, and more tlds for absolutely FREE for the first year through namecheap (I believe they have a parnership!).

I hope to be active on this forum to discuss with other members and help out if somebody needs it, and I hope to enjoy my stay here Smile

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