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Introducing Rankbrain Google Rankbrain
What is Rankbrain Rank Ranking? RankBrain is an algorithm that can update its data with the help of data. In other words, RankBrain is able to learn. The ability to learn is one of the features that is called intelligence. Cars have always been able to perform complex mathematical calculations. But they were not able to learn from the calculations. The artificial intelligence Ai provided the ability to learn the machines. There are now robots around the world showing different behaviors according to the behavior of humans.

Google uses a series of algorithms to rank sites in the search results page. These algorithms examine a variety of issues, but failing to learn these algorithms will make cheating easier. Or increase the possibility of error.

Example: The Google Panda algorithm calculates the time a user logs from the search results to a site, the longevity, and the time it returns to the search results page. Now, suppose users are accustomed to opening the first few Google's first links in different tabs and then going to each of them. If the Google Panda algorithm can not track such behavior. Some sites may have different brands of what they really deserve.

In the above example, Google determines the site rank by assigning Session. That is, when the user stays on the site, the type of activity that the site performs and the number of pages that open from the site and calculates the return or non-return of the user to the site opened in a separate tab, and calculates these in determining the site's rank to work Takes.


Introducing Rankbrain Google Rankbrain

What is Google RankBrain RankBrain?
Google has officially introduced the RankBrain on October 26, 2015 (Wikipedia site and moz site). RankBrain The RankBrain component is the core of Google's algorithm used as a learning machine. (With the help of this component, cars can learn new information from the information they receive). This algorithm is used to detect the most link between sites and the search term. The more link between the searched word and the content of the site, the Biteshare site rating will be.

Before RankBrain algorithm, Google used other algorithms to determine the proportion of search terms and site content. Factors such as geolocation and user search settings were effective in search results. Google, with the help of its algorithms, always tried to understand the user's perception of the searched word and to show him the best result. In fact, the effective factors in SEO before the RankBrain algorithm differ from those factors that influence SEO after this algorithm.

RankBrain Ranking Machine has been created to generate application search results. Google first provided a large amount of data to this algorithm. Then the algorithm, by processing information and learning from the variety of results obtained, was able to help Google set up search results.

Understanding RankBrain Rank
Understanding how the RankBrain algorithm helps you put your foot on Google shoes and, for example, understand how: How does Google think of the phrase "Where is the Olympics going?" Understands.

What is the real purpose of the user to search for this phrase? Does the user want to obtain information from the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics? Does this question merely point to the upcoming Olympics? Is the question about the Olympics four years old? Is the user at the Olympics and sitting in a hotel and wants to find the route to the opening ceremony? Can the user seek to find the venue for the Olympic Games in ancient Greece?

Now suppose you want to give the answer to that phrase. The only source for you to decide is the algorithms that show the quality of the content and the number of blocks to the content. Imagine a winter Olympics in Sochi. Russia has launched a Sochi Olympic site that has received thousands of links from other sites. If our information is limited to old algorithms. We just have to display information about the Sochi Olympic. While it may be the intention of the next impex user to play in South Korea.

This example may seem complicated. But for a search engine, the situation is quite normal. In this situation, the capacity of the RankBrain algorithm is necessary. With the help of this algorithm and understanding the behavior of the audience. Google knows that most users looking for the word "Where is the Olympics going" are looking for the next game. They want to know where the next Olympics (winter or summer) will be held. That way, Google will first show the results these users want.

Google displays different results for the search term, and the custom purpose metrics for the search term are different. For example, if the user writes the name of the city for the Olympics, that is, the search query is the Olympic venue for the Olympic venue in Pyongyang. Google will probably show the route to the opening ceremony.

RankBrain Rank Briefs show users different results in terms of time. For example, the same phrase in the Olympic venue in April 2017 found the following:

Suppose that in April 2017 we searched for the location of the Olympic Games. Google must determine if we will continue to follow the Olympic Games in the summer of 2016 in Rio Janeiro, or follow the next Olympic Winter Olympics in Pyongyang. To succeed in displaying search results, Google treats users' behavior when searching for such phrases. In this way, Google search results change based on audience behavior. That is, when users search such a phrase, Google checks for most of the results, so Google will display the result most users are looking for at the beginning of the search results.

To better understand the quality of Google's ranking, RankBrain's algorithm is best to look up a phrase on Google and see how much your results are as well as the results you see and disappointing.

Have RankBrain Rank Rank changed the SEO methods
The amount of change required in SEO techniques will depend on your current skill level in SEO after you apply RankBrain. RankBrain is important in content management and it should be ensured that the content that most users search for are found on our site.

Important Tips About RankBrain Rank
Different search terms will create different results
Before RankBrain, SEO experts chose their SEO policies according to the type of audience. Example: A page titled "pop music" needs deep and engaging content. But the legendary Neymar title page needed more linking. But with RankBrain's algorithm, the content of the pages should be consistent with the purpose of the search term. This should also be observed in SEO.

The SEO factors will be based on the credibility of your site
To create a valid brand on the Web, you need credible resources to verify your site. User experience is also very effective in determining your domain's credibility. Relying on creating credit gives you a better ranking in search results.

Does your brand need new content to increase its credibility? Should you get more useful links? Do you need a lot of users on your site? Do you need other factors to increase your rank on Google? The answers to these questions depend on the type of site you have. That is, a sports online sports site is very different from a Spanish language learning site.

Are your users looking for quick and quick answers? Or a detailed article. The way you serve the audience and the audience's satisfaction from the content of your site has replaced all the SEO factors.

A single-page rule is a really dead keyword
Before RankBrain came to the fore, we always emphasized the creation of a key word for a page. When RankBrain hits the linked pages, they must be merged and create a page with more general content so that more users can access their content on that page.

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