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3 SEO tips that change the site's rank
SEO is usually defined as a strategy of strategies and tactics that makes a site more visited on the web.

In fewer articles, reference is made to the experimental and experimental nature of SEO.

What is the reason for this?

Experimenting with SEO is the front line of SEO.
Testing the SEO principles will lead to the SEO industry.
Without testing the SEO tactics and strategies, we all repeated the change of title tags and keywords in our content.

As Google enters SEO, various industries are also attracted to it, turning SEO into an industry.

Each SEO specialist should continuously test the SEO hypotheses and find the rules that matter more to Google and its customers. This job is a SEO specialist.

Each website is unique. Each site faces new challenges.

Testing the SEO rules that are presented in this article. It can be effective in increasing traffic to your site. Stay with us

1) Edit content
All the SEO experts have heard that the content of the king is, unfortunately, some of their meanings have not been properly understood. Many customers and site owners say when content is important. They start to increase the content of their site.

As a site design company we work with many customers, some of our customers have thousands and sometimes millions of indexed pages on Google. In some cases, a site really needs more content. But first we have to analyze the content we do not need.

True, we try to find pages that do not need them and we want to remove them.

How does this help us?
Google looks at your entire site as an agent for domain rating. A large number of pages that are worth little will reduce the total value of the domain. This way, a lot of worthless page effects affects your site's overall SEO.

How to do this:

You will receive a list of your indexed addresses
Use tools such as Screaming Frog or Google Webmaster to download indexed url listings.
Check out the value of your links.
It's better to download the list. This reduces the time of data analysis. Now download the URL Profiler software. This software is not free, but you can download the free version for 14 days from . For both Windows and Mac versions there are versions available on this site. After downloading and installing this software, enter your links. Use the analytics tools or Ahrefs or Majestic or Moz to link the profiler and run Profiler.

Note: In Profiler, select the timeframe for 90 days or more.
Analyze your data
When the analysis is complete, place the result in a spreadsheet software like excel and arrange it. Now you can see a list of pages with the traffic that leads to those pages and analyze links.

Scroll through your low-value pages
Start with pages with zero or very low visibility. In most cases, the list that you see here has not received any traffic in the past 90 days or more. These pages do not have much value for the audience. Otherwise, they would receive a higher visitation.

Before you remove them from the index, make sure there is not much link to those pages. If there is a low traffic link and a small link. You can safely remove it from the Google index.

In this section, you need to be very careful, some sites have pages that have fewer visits in some seasons, and this is due to their high traffic inconvenience.

2) Improve user experience

User experience (UX) has always been very important. Nowadays, more than ever, we must consider user experience as one of our SEO strategies and always consider it.

Google's algorithms have evolved. They can easily understand whether users have had enough satisfaction with their search results. Users of your site are expecting to meet the expectations of increasing the relevance of users to your site.

How to improve our user experience:
Know your audience

To know your customers, ask yourself how you can help audiences to reach their goals and attract their satisfaction. This is using feedback from the audience to the content of the site or reviewing the audience that left your site. Tools like hotjar can do this for you.

Most of the time, site owners suspect they know what is best for their customers. But how can they be sure of their wishes without spending time and listening to them?

Ask the right questions

Ask the right questions for site audiences. Otherwise, the data will not be efficient. for example:

What was your feeling when entering the site?
What is the most important point that blocks your purchase from the site?
Is there a little on this page that could change your decision?
Why did you prefer our competitors?
Why do you leave this site?
Check the transfer of users on the site
Try to get information about how users communicate with the site. Start by recording user behavior on the site. The Hotjar site (for sites with less than 2000 pages) is free to help you. Recording how to transfer a user to different parts of the site can determine the problems with using some of the site tools. Getting feedback from site audiences is really a good idea, but seeing a repeat of the behavior of the users, you can get plenty of information to fix the site's problems.

Check your results
After obtaining data, we need to find the parts that need to be optimized, and how to optimize it to achieve a better user experience. User experience is closely related to Google's credit rating.

Create some examples. Google Analytics lets you determine which of your products are based on Google Analytics goals.

After installing the plugin in Google Chrome, you can modify the test elements to compare with the original version so you can optimize your site. Without surveying and recording the behavior of your audience, you do not have enough data to look at the potential currents on the site that you plan to test for them.

3) Optimizing internal links

SEOs always focus on creating an external link, and the importance of internal links to linking pages to the site is remembered. Internal links should link related pages.

How to create an internal link:
Select a page from the site

Select the page of the site you want to get a better link. This page may be important to you, but you do not get a good color on Google as much as you want or expect.

Check your usage key

Decide which word you want to get a better rating for. Then go to the Google Checker and search your site for that word to find pages that have more value in that word.

Link to your destination page

Link to all pages that appear in search results.

Check the ranking of the site

Search the console and re-examine the page you are looking for. Wait for 2-4 weeks and examine the processing of the page.

Analyze the search results

Did this improve your site's ranking? If so, do this for other pages of the site.

While there are a lot of SEO issues that you can test. Our company has selected these three SEO experiments, which have proven to be remarkable for our customers, to present in this article.

As individuals who are professional in the profession. We should not expect surprising results if we did not do much to upgrade the ranking of a site. But this tutorial gave us three successful SEO experiences that have been impressive.

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