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Ayuntamiento de Benalmádena
Málaga, Benalmádena, 29630

It has been shown that many of the toys bought are discarded because the child doesn’t identify with them; in addition, the child must adapt to the toy and not the other way around. By contrast, a game or a toy which they themselves create (however basic it is) establishes a deeper relationship, stimulates invention through experimentation and encourages fantasy. wozz2do

This workshop encourages us to take care of our environment and demonstrates that waste has value and that rubbish may not be rubbish, promoting good practices and education, where children play, have fun, learn and are introduced to the concept of the 3Rs: reduce, recycle and reuse, putting it into practice.

Course delivered by Irene Macías Berlanga, social educator, family mediator and socio-cultural play leader. Specialist in working with children and in non-formal education.


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