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Pablo Alboran
"I promise" is my most personal work. I have had time and I have made my own decisions without being carried away. I wanted to take another step in my career. wozz2do

Compose and write with time and serenity. It has been like a catharsis, because I have been able to read a lot and listen to many new authors, taking away prejudices, from electronic to Latin American music, through the latest urban styles. I am a musician and pigeonholing scares me. That's why it's an album with doors open to all styles and many realities that I would not have dared to try in my songs before. Prometer is synonymous with trust, security, firmness and maturity. Responsibility in oneself and in others. This new album is a promise of continuity as a sign of loyalty to my audience, to myself, to my intuition, and to the decisions I have freely made during the creation of the album.
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