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Hey, what's up, I own a tech, gaming, coding & programming, and hacking information forum. We just got started on the 23rd and it seems as if it's starting to slowly take off. Come check it out at

Anyways, I have been into web developing for years. After I graduated high school, I failed to build up the motivation to go to college, for a couple reasons.
1) Just about every person I knew directly who went to college said they never wish they went or they're still paying off student loans, 20 years later.
2) I feel as if you do not need a college degree to become successful. Look at the entrepreneurs.

I have a high interest in coding and programming as I have been doing so since I was about 12 years old. Gaming, same thing. Always loved games, and finding exploits in certain ones.

I mainly joined this forum for the "exclusive plugins and themes" as tagged.

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