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MYPS (a mybb points system)
Since your going to release this again this evening I'll wait. Is there plans to add an additional plug-in for this including a store?
Oh and btw, thank you Smile
I would like a store but that's not near-term. It will be easy enough to add it as a plugin to hook into this.
Will be testing it shortly, thanks so much for working on this Labrocca! =) My members really want their cash back. =P
Well.. Nice mode.

First Post. one more.
This mod looks good, will there be custom items in the future?

Sorry for the double post, but when I installed it... It wouldn't work.

If I goto it's just blank =|

How do I buy things then?
Well this isn't a shop mod. It's a points system. On install it's NOT activated. You need to go into admincp settings for MYPS and enable it. You will then see in the postbit along with links for admins/moderators.
How do you get the things like:

7. Points name change

I'm confused =S
I'm definately going to check this mod out. I need a point system on my forums Smile

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