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MYPS (a mybb points system)

I just wanted to know if we can expand the system (if there's nothing planned) as follows:

- Points for registration (there's another plugin which makes it possible)
- Points for logging in - are they intended yet? (Of course only once a day!)

Is it realizable to click on the link of the points and get the list of the actions I've got points for, instead of the list of donators?
I think it would be very useful.

Could anyone of you make a german translation please?

That's it for now

I plan to work on language when it's all completed.

Also there is already a default setting which is the same as "points for registration". Set the default and when someone signs up that's how many they will have.

As for points for loggin in....hmm...I don't like that idea because it will force people to log out and log back in. Are you sure you want that?

Thanks for your fast answer:

The points with the login should be nick-limited. You log in, but you only get the points ONCE (eg. 5 points)

How's the summary what you got points for?
Which point is the one with the registration and points? Is it the one for new-member?

Quote:The points with the login should be nick-limited. You log in, but you only get the points ONCE (eg. 5 points)

Right...but you don't are rewarding people for logging out and back in. It would require time session checking and extra variables in settings. Yes it's possible but I don't see the value and I won't be doing that.

Quote:How's the summary what you got points for?
What do you mean? What are you asking?

Quote:Which point is the one with the registration and points? Is it the one for new-member?

It's called "MYPS Default".

anyway, it was just an idea...

Sorry, my english sucks a lot ^^ Do you speak german? It would be a better communication...

That's amazing! Thank you...
It's ok you don't speak English well...I don't speak German beyond gazoontite (Gesundheit) and some other various words.
BTW....fixed a bug for 1.03 where the recount wasn't correct. Read the download of 1.04 upgrade's just 1 file to upload (admin/myps.php).
OK, I have a question! I've uploaded the file for the newest version (4th) and then did a recount. Is it suppose to calculate points for every thread and post? Cause now all my members have the exact same number of points as posts. I left the settings as default, so 1 point for posts and 3 for threads. Since I know people have created threads, shouldn't they have more points than posts??

I also posted this on the mybb community!

edit: I see that my points here are more than my posts...I would think that should also work on my forum!

edit again: Hmm...that's not the only problem either! I went in and changed the points for posts to 2, but when I did the recount, it still has the points match the posts! Sad But if I made a post, it's adding 2 points, so there's no problem there! Just doesn't seem that the recount works properly!
Fixed and updated to 1.04...upgrade instructions are in the download. It's just 1 file.

Sorry about that Judel.

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