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A PM from today.
ciorax Wrote:Hello mate. I have a request at you.
If you can help me. I dont have card or paypal acount to put money for subscription. Can you give me 2 mods from here?
Member of week/month and 24 online (was).
Please mate

Don't PM me with this crap!Rolleyes
This kind of thing should remain private. Please don't post stuff like this on the boards! Thanks! Wink
Why not, you don't think that the staff should be aware when people are trying to get people to steal and distrubute plugins? He also PMed me on my private board so I feel it's only fair to let everybody know this guy is trying to steal some plugins and hopefuly those who would normally be willing to do this for him would think twice now that the forum staff here knows to look out for it.
If you want the staff to know, then PM them. I see no reason to try to embarrass someone by publicly announcing they are asking for a favor. Labrocca may see that different, which is the only reason I didn't delete this thread in the first place. He'll come on eventually, and if I'm wrong, I will gladly delete my posts. I'm still getting my feet wet around here. Tongue
I'm not trying to embarrass anybody, in all honesty I hope he gets banned or punished somehow to prevent others from doing the same thing. The last thing I want, is to login and find my inbox full of requests to download and redistrubute plugins that I don't have the right to.

Oh, and another thing is I didn't like the fact that he went on my site to bother me there asking for the same thing. He isn't asking for a favor, he's asking for me to help him steal plugins which I would be held liable for.
If he's pestering you on your own forum, then ban him. You can report him here. Other than that, I think situations like these should be handled off the public boards. Let Labrocca handle things like this in his own way. Let's just wait and see what he says when he next logs on, OK?
Already banned him there. I'll wait to see how it pans out, but I'll be pissed if this kind of stuff is allowed here.
I never said it would be allowed. PM soliciting is a banning offense. That just needs to be stated more clearly in a more prominent place, so that all members can see it and are made aware of it.

So if any member is reading this before it is resolved, do not PM any other member here asking for a plugin. That is not allowed. And if any of you subscribers get a PM request, do not let another member pester you for a plugin. Report it immediately to a staff member.

Please do not risk being banned for something that costs less than $5 a year.
this is good
(Jun 22, 2008, 01:13 AM)KuJoe Wrote: Already banned him there. I'll wait to see how it pans out, but I'll be pissed if this kind of stuff is allowed here.

I don't mind you posted this but Judel has a point where a forward PM might be easiest and most effective method to report this kind of thing.

For one the PM system has a simple method now to forward a PM. For another when I get PM's I get instant email notifications so I will respond quicker.

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