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Inline Ads problem
I decided to enable the inline ads plugin again in hopes of generating some revenue to help hosting expenses and improvement of my website.

However the inline ads aren't showing at all. I checked the postbit template and added {$inline_ads} in place of {$separator} however they aren't showing up.

This leads me to think another mod is causing a conflict. Is there any mods that would keep the Inline Ads from showing?

:Edit: Still having this problem, please help.
Did you try {$post['inline_ads']} ?
LeX- Wrote:Did you try {$post['inline_ads']} ?

Thanks, that worked perfectly.

I looked over at the Mybb forums for the problem. Apparently the code/string that was given to add to the posbit template wasn't the right one so no wonder it wasn't working.Tongue
{$inline_ads} is probably for the plugin made by Michael83 =P

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