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Hi There

Can some kindly guide me how to change the favicon.ico in mybb.
I'v been looking to change but I cant find the favicon.ico file in the
There is no default favicon.ico. Upload one to your root SITE directory...not your root mybb directory.

Most browsers create a generic favicon if one is not provided.
Hi all

thanks a lot for your information. I found it very useful. When I tried these its working only for the admincp url. but my web site url its not working. I have uploaded the ico file to the root and also copied <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" /> to the header include. i tried copying to the header it didnt work. can you please help
If you only have href="/favicon.ico" as the link, it will think that the icon itself is in the same directory. You might want to expand the url there to exactly where you have the image.
What's your site. What browser do you use?
now its working thanks a lot labroca.... your help is much appriciated.

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