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[Achived] MYPS for 1.4
You da man Lex. I owe you a big kiss sir. Smile

End of the month is almost here. Expect a paypal payment.
I'm getting the beta of 1.4, so I'll be happy to be one of the few that can test this!!! Looking forward to it! Big Grin
I just had a thought about all this. What about the current totals for our members with Myps? Will there be a way to convert the backup from the 1.2 version to restore on the 1.4 version??
The backup-table (myps_backup) stays the same; just 1 differents that not all fields (time && username) are used anymore; but that shouldn't give any problems; so if you don't delete the table ... you should be able to restore everyones myps after updating =P

Note: deactivating the myps_backup plugin won't delete the table in case you were wondering =P


Beta Release Added ! [ First Post ]
> Install ? Upload everything like its stored in the zipfile && activate ^^
Got it uploaded and installed OK. But when I try to do a recount for everyone, after hitting next for the next 50 users, I get the error "User Doesn't Exist"????

edit: OK, I figured out how to reset the previous balances, and that went great! Well, except for the points my members had in the bank. That will be another bridge to cross.
A fix should be

PHP Code:
            echo "<div class=\"confirm_action\">\n"

Add Above
PHP Code:
            echo $form->generate_hidden_field("do_all""1"); 

//Package Updated
OK, now the recount went through just fine. Big Grin
-relief- =P
Glad i know my own code ^^
Yeah, I'm glad too! Tongue
Found another problem with MYPS just now. I wanted to add some to my test member bloom, so you could test the bank...Currently bloom has 3.25 myps. I tried to add 500 and got the following error:

You Can't Perform This Action; The User Would Have A Negative Amount Of MYPS.

It won't even let me set the total at 500 without throwing that same error??

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