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[Achived] MYPS for 1.4
Cool. Im hopefully going to use this!!!
Very nice I have tested it but the only thing I noticed is that if a user has no points you can't add them through the acp as it says the member will have a negative number of points but when you try to add in the modcp it works fine. Its rather weird.
Overwrite myps.php && ./admin/modules/tools/myps.php with the ones of the zipfile.

that works. Thanks man.
Looking forward to this release Smile
Yeah Lex how is this going? Is it fully updated for 1.4x? I know you started it but how far along are you? Post the files if possible and I gotta start testing it. I want the MYPS to be released asap.
Its ready since 27th June =P

Judel && Mmarzex reported only 3bugs and they are fixed.

There seems to be a problem.

It only seems to update the points after I do a recount in the admin panel.

Shouldn't it update as soon as someone has posted?
wtf; it doesn't even work overhere anymore since the upgrade.

MYPS per thread / reply works again; will test the other things to be sure.

OK: First of all; this AINT FUNNY; not even in the mood anymore to look into it.
When you click to delete a post/thread (postbit) it doesn't work; it doesn't even call the hook >_<
Something for tomorrow cause this really gets frustrated.
Package is updated; only the fucking-retarded-postbit-delete doesn't work; Inline Moderation (Delete Post) works.
Yes I am feeling rather frustrated over mybb as well. I am just trying to give them time to sort it out. Seems we will see an update soon.

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