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Notification when message in Guestbook
like this:
Go to Your Guestbook: [url]{$id}[ /url ] Or ????
**Translater and Beta Tester Game Section 1.2**
I´m allso using Mybb 1.4
That should work =P
I've got mine set at =>
$message = "You've Got A New Entry In Your Guestbook From {$mybb->user['username']} \n\n Go to Your Guestbook: [url={$mybb->settings['bburl']}/gb.php?act=view&uid={$id}]Click[/url]";
(Jul 03, 2008, 10:51 AM)LeX- Wrote: Overwrite the original gb.php (root) with the attached one. Tested this on MyBB 1.2.13.

Message + Subject + FromID (=1) can be changed in the file;
Default Values:
$message = "You've Got A New Entry In Your Guestbook From {$mybb->user['username']} <br /><br /> Go to Your Guestbook: <a href=\"gb.php?act=view&amp;uid={$id}\">Click</a>";
$subject = "New GuestBook Entry";
$fromid = 1;

Anyway you can update this for 1.4.2? Purdy please. Big Grin

Also, I was wondering if there's a way to redirect back to the profile instead of the index after you post a message in the guestbook.

Thanks, bud!

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