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PM on Registration and PM Subject plugin conflict
Well I had these two plugins installed and configured. However I decided to test the pm on register plugin by registering a new account.

When I filled the info out and went to submit my registration an error came up on a white page which referenced the PM Subject plugin.

I wasn't able to take note of the error though.

It appears when I submitted the registration and the PM on register plugin tried to send a PM, the PM Subject plugin conflicted with it.

However I specified a subject in the PM on register settings, and had content for the body of the PM.

If needed I'll try to reproduce this and post the exact error.
Use my version of PM on Reg.

Also make sure "awaiting activation" group has "Can Use Private Messaging" to yes.

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I believe I got the PM on registration somewhere's else, not sure about the PM Subject.

I also did add a title for the PM on Register. I might have an outdated version with bugs still present though, not sure.

:Edit: I was using the version of PM on Register by DennisTT.

:Edit 2: Here is the error I was referring to when having PM subject and PM on register enabled:

Fatal error: Call to a member function set_error() on a non-object in /home/*******/public_html/*****/inc/plugins/pm_subject.php on line 46
Are you sure you're using Labrocca's updated version of the subject mod? I know I got an error before he fixed it, but I also use Dennis' pm on register mod along with Labrocca's pm subject without conflict (once I uploaded the fixed file).

edit: wait a minute. There was an error with Dennis' mod that I fixed ages ago. Had something to do with switching php versions, I think. The fix is on his site. Unfortunately, his site is down now, so I can't get the fix.

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