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Bot on mybb
I have a irc bot on a irc chan Smile and i have put some code in newthread.php so the bot announce to a given chan, but would it be possible so when a staff member post inside a staff topic and i wont be shown i main irc chan (hope someone knowns what iam talking about)

here is the code i have now in newthread.php

Something that switch between the topics

here is something that i have from els where...
in this case our staff section has fid=13
PHP Code:
$fid $arr["fid"];
$bot['password'] = "xxxxxxxxxxxx";
$bot['password'] = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";

PHP Code:
$lang->redirect_newthread .= sprintf($lang->redirect_return_forum$fid);
$bot['password'] = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
$bot['ip'] ="xxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx";
$bot['port'] = "xxxxx";
$bot['message'] = "..:: Topic: ".$mybb->input['subject']." :: Link - http://www.xxxxxxxxx/showthread.php?tid=".htmlspecialchars($tid)." :: Startet af: $username ::..";
$fp fsockopen($bot['ip'], $bot['port'], $errno$errstr40);
fputs($fp$bot['password'] . " " $bot['message'] . "\n");
Put the whole bot code in another if statement

if($fid != 13)
Don't follow... Sad
You don't want to post 'new threads' of your Staff Section on IRC ... so if the $fid == Staff Section, do nothing else post the new thread ...

$fid : FID of Current ForumSection
!= : not equal to
13 : FID of your Staff Section

So you put the code; that thing you or someone else added to the newthread.php page and you put it between that if statement i posted 2posts up.

If that's to hard to follow; don't bother my posts then.

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