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Mybb Style - Skins with an edge
This site was created by yours truly. I made this site as a place to showcase the skins I have created. As off today all themes that I create and have created will only be available here no where else. Along with all my theme releases I'll also be offering custom skins for a small price more info on that will be released at a later date. What good is a site with out other releases I might be good but I'm not good enough to make enough themes to fill this place up. With that said I'm asking you to please release themes here. If you want to be a Mybb Style Designer PM me and we can work something out. We are currently looking for staff if your are interested PM with the subject Staff Application. Ok with that mouth full being said I look forward to this site taking off the ground and having a fun time doing it.

Please note that the only skins being accepted are 1.4 to get ready for release.
We need staff pm me here or on Mybb Style.

Mybb Style
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Looks nice but the header's font is a bit choppy.

Also, the threads in the side box don't work. They all link to rather than the actual thread itself.
yeah its an error in something I'm trying to find out what though.
It was a bug with the side box plugin. I reported it to -LeX and he's fixed it now. Just redownload it and it should work.

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